What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a lot like microder¬mabrasion, another popular mechanical exfoliation technique. Both mechanically exfoliate the skin, but dermaplaning also removes the vellus hair from the skin. In this method of exfoliation, a sterile, surgical scalpel is used to complete the process. It is definitely not as scary as it sounds. However, this method of exfoliation should be done by a professional and definitely not at home. While the scalpel used is in a way “shaving your face,” you can think of it as shaving your skin. The technician will use small upward strokes around the entire face to remove any impurities, clogged pores and facial hair.


In professional skin care, we are lucky to have so many forms of exfoliation to keep pores clean and promote quicker skin cell turnover for younger looking skin. There are three types of exfoliation: chemical, manual and mechanical. Chemical exfoliation, of course, is referring to peels, whereas manual exfoliation includes the use of an abrasive such as a scrub. There are a couple of mechanical exfoliation methods that are used today one of the most popular being dermaplaning.

Cell Turnover
The goal of exfoliation has always been to remove dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover. Skin cells turn over every three to four weeks in young skin. With age, this process moves at a slower rate, making monthly exfoliation more important. Exfoliation “tricks” the skin into turning over at a faster rate than it normally would.
To trick the skin, a controlled injury (exfoliation) is created. When the skin is injured, new skin cells are sent to replace the old ones, and collagen and elastin are produced. Loss of collagen and elastin is the biggest contributor to wrinkles. While collagen can be put back into the skin, elastin is too big of a molecule. So, with all the methods of exfoliation that exist, what makes dermaplaning so special?

Who is it for?

Dermaplaning is recommended for all skin types except those with acneic skin. If a client have deep cystic acne, wait until breakouts are clear before trying this treatment. As always, also discuss any allergies or skin sensitivities before starting a treatment.

This is a great treatment for pregnant or breast feeding women who want exfoliation without the risk of harsh chemicals absorbing into the blood stream and potentially harming their babies.

What does the treatment feel like?

Dermaplaning is a painless procedure and can be compared to the sensation of shaving one’s legs, but in this case, it’s on the face.

Are there immediate side effects?

There are no side effects and zero downtime. Facial procedures can often leave a girl with several days of downtime, but that is not the case with dermaplaning. In fact, the only side effect is smoother skin.

What are the anticipated results?

The client will immediately look more radiant with a more even skin tone and texture. All of the peach fuzz will be gone, which is why first-timers say their skin has never felt so soft before.

Recommended course for optimal results?

Dermaplaning removes 21 days’ worth of dead skin cells, so it’s best to allow the skin to complete its rejuvenation cycle before the next treatment. Speaking of skin care products…

After this procedure, the client’s skin care products will work much better as they are able to absorb directly into the skin without having to work their way through layers of dead skin. For clients interested in complimentary procedures, dermaplaning pairs beautifully with a chemical peel as the clean, refreshed skin is more receptive to the chemicals utilized in the peel.

How long does it take?

About 30 minutes to an hour.

Benefits of Dermaplaning.
1. Cell regeneration. As mentioned earlier, dermaplaning will trigger the cell regeneration process to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Hyper-pig¬mentation. Dermaplaning will exfoliate the top layer of your skin, taking off dead skin cells. Therefore, it can help lighten pigmented spots.

3. Immediate results. Other exfoliation processes sometimes take more time to show the results, but dermaplaning shows immediate results.

4. Safety. Dermaplaning is safe for everyone and there is no downtime involved.

5. Smooths rough skin. Dermaplaning is especially beneficial for people with rough, dry skin. The scalpel is effective in smoothing out skin and evening skin tone.

6. Hair removal. If clients are using this for hair removal, it is fine if they only have peach fuzz or vellus hair. It easily removes this hair without any problems.

7. Product penetration.Dermaplaning is good for letting products such as peels, strong serums or skin remedies penetrate deeply into the skin, as results are improved after exfoliation.

8. Mildness. Dermaplaning is a gentle form of exfoliation, and it can be more gentle than a peel or microder¬mabrasion for sensitive clients. It is also great for new clients who want to start with gentle anti-aging treatments before jumping into more.

9. Frequency. Dermaplaning is safe to do every three to four weeks, which is the target range you would want to get those cells turning over faster.

10. Catalyst. This is a great catalyst to deeper exfoliation procedures, as it preps one’s skin gently rather than harshly.

11. Makeup. Clients will notice that their makeup will go on better after a dermaplaning service.

The only time one would not want to dermaplane is if there is pustular acne involved. The surgical scalpel could easily rupture one of the pustules, and the bacteria could then spread across the face.
Anyone with hirsutism or excessive facial hair growth may want to rely on waxing, laser or electrolysis for the hair removal, as these forms remove hair from the root and not at the skin level like dermaplaning.


One on one training can be arranged on request. You will have adequate hands on practical experience while training. You will leave the training feeling 100% confident and capable. Please note that your training can be done in your own time as well as in the evenings or weekends.

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