Noninvasive, nonsurgical facial melting threads with THESERA. L.

There are numerous facial rejuvenation techniques with different levels of correcting age-related changes. Radical correction of esthetic issues is possible by means of plastic surgery or PDO thread lift. But now invasive procedures have a relevant competitor – lifting based on melting (dissolving) threads.
Melting threads are part of THESERA L cosmetological product. They were developed in South Korea by specialists of MR Innovation Co. The basis of the unique system is TDN (Transfer Double Nanosphere) technology which allows delivering inside the skin different active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, peptides, amino acids, antioxidants and other valuable components.
In fact, THESERA L is a new generation of PDO thread lift. It acts no less efficiently, but the scheme of injecting threads into the skin is totally different. PDO threads are injected with needles into the epidermis via the paracellular pathway and are fixed in specific areas. It is a minimally invasive procedure which may lead to traumas of epidermis, which requires a rehabilitation period and which may cause side effects.
No-needle TDN solution penetrates into the dermal layers via paracellular pathway and fills in all the area under the skin. The thread fiber in the form of liquid is applied onto the epidermis surface. The ingredients are encapsulated in transport nanoparticles which move to the lower skin layers regardless of the external conditions: temperature, pH level and other factors.
The lifting course based on melting threads consists of 5 stages which subsequently use different cosmetic products.

Stages of application:

  1. Creation of a tunnel for TDN (skin and pores cleaning).
  2. Absorption of threads.
  3. Moisturization.
  4. Acceleration of thread absorption.
  5. Nourishment.

The treatment is intended for 4 weeks. After the procedure the skin becomes visibly lifted, more dense and elastic. Besides, the product perfectly whitens and smoothes face contours and tone and shrinks pores.
The main advantages of TDN technology are total safety, painlessness of the procedures, stable distribution of all the components throughout the whole area rather than limited parts. Thanks to this new method one can forget about needles, pain and side effects.
This revolutionary technology has been approved by KFDA, has received the governmental support and is widely used in more than 1500 clinics and beauty salons in South Korea. Within a very short period of time the product has been mentioned and commented on in social networks at least 2 million times.
Thanks to uncontestable advantages THESERA L has gained popularity very quickly and is in demand worldwide.

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