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THESERA L adapting to TDN technology is a lifting kit which contains melting string developed by THESERA research team. Total solution for lifting and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles with 5 systematic programs


Pore Tightening

Boosting Elasticity

Minimizing Wrinkles

Improving Dermal Density


Lifting with Melting Thread


It’s the golden age of ‘easy lifting’. Nobody can age without wrinkles. Loose skin and deep nasolabial fold especially make you look older than you are. Loose jaw line is also one of the main reasons that makes you look older. Most people want to get their younger looking back without pain, with a simple cosmetic procedure. Now ‘thread lifting’ is emerging as the solution of younger looking

What is lifting with melting threads?

Melting thread(PDO : Poly-Dioxan-One) is specially designed for medical use. Threads injected into dermal layers lift skin up, boost elasticity and promote collagen generation. It is a quick, simple solution for anti-aging.


Principles of Melting Threads

Mechanical action

After threads are absorbed, fibroblasts are twisted and multiply.

Physical action

Transparent gel-like thread slowly dissolves and pulls tissues.

Chemical action

Dissolved peptide is absorbed.(Similar to amino acids in the skin)


  • Quick lifting just by cosmetic procedure (No surgery)
  • To boost skin elasticity by generating collagen
  • Quick procedure, no need time for recovery
  • Comparatively safe as thread is dissolved and absorbed in the skin


  • Injection with needle: painful
  • Side effects – Conglutination of thread, feeling uncomfortable, bruise, swelling, awkward facial expression,

L- TDN Cell Lifting System

TDN Cell Lifting System

1. Safe lifting with natural thread, not with artificial PDO thread
2. TDN technology: Absorbing melting thread in the skin without needles
3. 5 lifting steps for professionals
4. Instant and long-term lifting effects

TDN Tunneling


  • Epidermis Balance Foam
    – Volume : 20ml
    – Main ingredients: Glycolic acid, Lycium
    barbarum extract, blueberry extract, Asian
    coconut palm extract


  • Dermis Balance Peelenser
    – Volume : 2ml*4ea
    – Main ingredients: Glycolic acid, lactic
    acid, salicylic acid

Opening channel with TDN technology- Eliminating sebum and wastes from epidermal layer, TDN complex acid ingredients make holes deeply in the skin and help active ingredients passing through the skin. Also, it helps turnover cycle normalized.

What is TDN?

Upgrade version of liposome mechanism. Covering active ingredients with capsule, complex acid TDN makes the active ingredients absorbed into skin easily.

Absorbing Nano Thread

  •  High Tension Serum & High Tension String
    – Volume : Serum 3ml*4ea, String 0.04g*4ea
    – Main ingredients: Fibroin, adenosine, fullerene, niacinamide, chitosan

Natural thread(string) dissolves in a special ampoule. The transformed thread passing through the skin intensely tightens and lifts the skin.


Melting Thread

  • Main ingredient : Fibroin- natural silk from silkwarm
  • Fibroin : With sericin, fibroin is one of composition of collagen protein. Collagen consists of 70~80% of insoluble fibroin, 20~30% of water-soluble sericin.
  • Silk collagen, the main ingredient of thread, containing various peptide such as glycine, alanine, tyrosine, etc., boosts skin elasticity and makes skin healthy. Especially, silk collagen is excellent in absorbing moisture.
  • Fibroin in silk collagen is insoluble. Therefore, the thread does not completely dissolve but gel and is absorbed into skin in nano size.

L- TDN Cell Lifting System 

Circulation & Absorption

  • Hydra Booster
    – Volume : 20ml
    – Main ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate, Acetyl Hexa peptide-8, allantoin 

Cooling extracts stimulates circulation and helps skin absorbing and holding more thread. In addition, extreme moisture factor calms the skin.


  • High Tension Gel
    – Volume : 5ml*4ea
    – Main ingredients: Copper tripeptide-1, allantoin, liquorice extract, Centella asiatica extract,
    green tea extract

Vitalizing loose skin, ‘High Tension Polymer’ enhances elasticity and facial line.


  • High Tension Ampoule
    – Main ingredients: Copper tripeptide-1, allantoin, liquorice extract, Centella asiatica extract,
    green tea extract
    – Main ingredients : Beans peptide, niacinamide, adenosine, liquorice extract, Centella
    asiatica extract, Copper tripeptide-1

Complex peptide ingredients improves wrinkles, 9 natural extract and 4 natural oil nourish skin.

L- Clinical Trial Results

The result shows that ‘THESERA L High Tension Ampoule’ is effective in pore tightening, facial lifting, dermal density, and improving elasticity.

  • Test title : The effects of ‘THESERA L High Tension Ampoule’ regarding pore tightening,
    facial lifting, dermal density, and elasticity
  • Test material : THESERA L High Tension Ampoule
  • Test agency : Korea Institute of Dermatological Science
  • Test subject : 22 adult women over 20 years old
  • Duration : Sep. 11th, 2014 ~ Nov. 10th, 2014
  • Application : Twice a day after washing face in the morning and night, No application of
    other cosmetics

THESERA L Volume Lifting Program


Repose Balance Milk Cleanser (500ml)

Duration: 5mins

Take a suitable amount of Milk Cleanser in a glass bowl and apply onto the face.
Massage gently to dissolve make-up, dirt and other impurities

PH Balance

Hydroglow Cell Ampoule(200ml)

Duration: 2mins

Soak a cotton pad with the Cell Ampoule and gently wipe along with skintexture.

This high concentrated ampoule mist is sprayed evenly and absorbed into skin quickly. Hydroglow Cell Ampoule is multi-purpose item, which can be used as a toner and moisturizing ampoule, before and after make-up.

PH Balance

Epidermis Balance Foam (20ml) + Peelenser(2ml)

Duration: 10mins

1. Test the product on skin before applying on the face.
▶Application varies depending on skin types and whether there are any scars on the skin or not.
▶Put Balance Gel on the scars and inflammatory acne.
▶Application time (from the beginning of application)
– Sensitive skin : 1min.~1min. 30sec./ Normal skin : 2min.~2min. 30sec.
2. Mix a bottle of Peelenser and 4 pumps of Balance Foam in a glass bowl. Apply it on skin avoiding eyes and mouth areas.
3. After the suitable application time, wipe out with a sponge.
4. Neutralize the skin with water 3~4 times to get rid of TDN acid capsules
which might remains in the skin.

Absorbing Thread

High Tension Senrum + Thread(string) (3ml*0.04g)

Duration: 5mins

1. Separate strings into a few pieces and put them in a glass bowl. Put High Tension Serum in the bowl and melt the strings. (Nano sized melted strings are passed through skin.)
2. Apply it on wrinkles first and then the whole face with a brush.


Hydra Booster (20ml)

Duration: 20mins

1. Put Hydra Booster on the mixture of serum and string (5ml).
2. Do not rub with a brush when applying. Try not to rub strings off.
▶Skin need a lot of moisture when the strings are passed through the skin.
Before a layer is formed, apply Hydra Booster.
▶It may feel cold due to cooling extracts of plants.
3. Do lifting exercise with fingers after 15~20 min. Wipe out the residue.


High Tension Gel (5ml)

Duration: 20mins

1. Apply High Tension Gel upwards(lifting direction) to fix the strings.
▶Apply the gel in the order of neck→ chin→ cheeks→ nose→ forehead with a pack brush.
▶Apply the gel evenly and wait until it is completely dried.
▶It feels tightening the skin as time goes by.
2. After 20 min. wet a sponge and wipe out the whole face to melt the dried gel.
3. Rub gently with purified water and wipe out


High Tension Ampoule (12ml)

Duration: 1mins

Apply High Tension Ampoule which contains complex peptide on wrinkle areas intensively.
▶The ampoule nourishes skin to absorb strings continuously


Hydroglow Cell Cream (100ml) + Perfect Sun Screen (50ml)

Duration: 2mins

Apply Hydroglow Cell Cream and sun screen.
▶Threads passed through skin are dissolved slowly. When dissolved, skin needs a lot of moisture, so apply Hydroglow Cell Cream to keep moisturizing the skin.
▶Make-up may be transferred a bit after treatment.

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